Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Southwest is coming to you



My name is Todd Corley, I plan to have some fun with this site. I will be putting in articles about the Southwest, its history, artists and talented people that live here in the Tucson area and anything I can think of that you might like to know about this "Last of the Old West" place.

Believe me, this is it and the people here still feel that they are a part of the "Old West" !

I consider Tombstone part of the Tucson environ; I will include news and features of the "Town Too Tough to Die" !

Gold mining and information on how and where to find it will be a feature; who doesn't fancy finding a nugget in their gold pan !!

I might even throw in some real estate news; the boom is about to start up again !!

Anything you want to contribute or ask , please do... and come back often !!