Thursday, October 10, 2013


Shortly after the release of the July/August 2013 issue
of Smoke Signals, we received a call from an art
dealer in New York wanting to correct our reporting
in the lead story regarding the Metropolitan Museum
of Art in New York. In the story, it stated, “For the
first time since their doors opened in 1870, The
Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will be
featuring an exhibit of Western bronzes. Scheduled to
open December 18, 2013 and titled The American
West in Bronze, 1850-1925. This exhibit will feature
the works of Remington, Russell, Fraser and Manship
to name a few, and their artistic representations of the
Native American Indian, cowboys, cavalry and
He wanted to correct our reporting as the “MET” had
hosted an important Remington exhibit in 1989.
In fact, we are both correct. There was a Remington
exhibit in 1989, however, this new exhibit opening in
December 2013, will be the first time the MET has
hosted an exhibit of the works of several Western
American sculptors and artists, one of which is
Frederic Remington. This is not a Remington-specific
exhibit, but an exhibit of The American West in
Bronze and will be the first time a number of these
sculptors and artists will be featured at the
Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
On behalf of everyone at High Noon and Smoke
Signals, we thank you for your input and careful eye on
our reporting!

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