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Gold in them thar hills !!

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Book your AGA Gold Prospecting Trip for Two by August 14th, and we'll give you FOUR-days and FOUR-nights at Rich Hill, Arizona for just $1499.95 + tax!
All Equipment; Training; Private Instruction; Gold claim access and private guide; lodging and more! Call Terry (914) 589-3985
*Your gold prospecting vacation begins at Sky Harbor International airport! As you travel through Phoenix, you begin to feel the powerful lure of America’s storied "Wild West." You can sense the spirits of the ancient Native Americans, Spanish Conquistadors, gold rush prospectors, bandits, and the fearless lawmen who shaped this rugged frontier.

Leaving Phoenix behind, you are slowly transported back in time. Driving west, you begin to notice the desert is covered with the giant and majestic "Saguaro" cactus. You marvel at the number of different plants and animals that inhabit Arizona, and begin to drift back in time, to the State's Wild West past.

In 1862, Paulino Weaver - a paid Army scout and mountain-man explorer, led a gold prospecting party deep into what would become the "Weaver Mountains." Weaver's party camped for the night below the Western face of a "small hill." Some of the men in the party went down to a little creek below the hill to pan for gold. They were quickly rewarded with thick flakes and pickers in their pans.
The "hill," covered in boxcar-size boulders, thousands of cactus and black colored sands, would become famous as “Rich Hill.”

Rich Hill, Arizona, near the 1870s gold mining town of Congress, is just 70-miles northwest of Phoenix, and 10-miles north of Wickenburg - Scroll down for more info!
Late that night, burros and horses broke away from camp during a windstorm described in one diary as, "hellacious." The next morning, Weaver sent a couple of his cowboys to look for them. They spotted the livestock at the top of the hill. When the cowboys rode to the top they saw, “..hundreds of gold nuggets the size of potatoes!", said one soldier’s diary, "all over the top of the hill!"
*Not even two-hours after leaving Phoenix, you'll arrive in the 1860's gold mining town of Congress, with Rich Hill beckoning you just five-miles across the open desert to the east! You’ll find your heart is pounding a little quicker and your breathing will be a wee-bit fast and shallow. You'll be excited. Just remember, your Arizona Gold Adventures expedition is just getting Started!

Arizona Gold Adventures Inc. is the leading provider of private, fully outfitted, ground and helicopter gold prospecting day trips and vacations throughout the state of Arizona, Five-day/Five-night Vacations starting at $1,899.98 per-person / $2,299.00
double occupancy!
AGA “Daycation” DAY TRIPS!

If you are going to be in the Phoenix / Scottsdale / Tucson area for business or pleasure, come out and prospect with us! Please try and make your reservation IN ADVANCE! We do not want to disappoint you by being booked solid for the day you want to come.
Our “Daycation” Gold Prospector’s Day Trips start at just $349.00 And include:

Your Personal AGA Certified Gold Prospecting Instructor and Claim Guide.
Nugget Shooting with Personal Instruction and Use of a specialized gold finding metal detector.
Personal Gold Panning Instruction and use of a re-circulating sluice box and Dry washer.
Both options include a full day of supervised and instructional placer gold mining -
SAVE $150.00 OFF Our Regular Price For A LIMITED TIME! Book a Special Two-day Weekday or Weekend trip - Overnight lodging included:
just $599.00 + tax per-couple!

AGA Prefers your personal check (please allow Five-business days for your check to clear our bank, made payable to: Arizona Gold Adventures Inc.)
We also accept all Major Credit Cards through PayPal is a safe and secure method of payment. We have been Members since 2002.

Please ask! We love to answer your questions.
We urge you to reserve your dates as far in advance as you can. Call Terry at: 914-589-3985 or Email:

Want gold? Call us!
Arizona Gold Adventures (AGA) offers personalized gold prospecting & panning day trips and vacations less than two-hours from Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona - and now Tucson, as well!

Stay as long as you like; One-day, or a month! We are ready to provide you with:

A Personal, Certified AGA Gold Prospecting Instructor & Gold Claim Guide. This is not a “Group” excursion. We never throw 20- strangers together on a “Common Dig.” Your Certified AGA Prospecting Instructor wants you to find gold, and will teach you – hands on, how and where to find it!

Specialized gold finding VLF and Pulse Induction metal detectors like the Minelab 4000, and Fisher Gold Bug 2 machines. These two gold detectors alone would cost you over $5,000 to purchase on your own!

Gold Panning/Recovery equipment. The classic Gold Pan; Drywasher; Automated Gold Panning Wheel; Dredge; the Re-circulating Sluice and more!


A Full-Year Membership in a Arizona Gold Prospecting Club! That means you can come back on your own and prospect on premium gold claims as many times as you like over the next year!
Full Week Vacations start at just $1,899.98 per-person / just $2,299.00 double occupancy - and include: Five full days of prospecting; Use of all gold mining equipment and training; a full-year Arizona Prospecting Club Membership; and Lodging at an AGA Partner Motel!

Call: Terry @ (914) 589-3985 for more information, pricing and reservations.
SINGLES! – Join our “Partner Up” program and split the cost of your Arizona Gold Adventures Helicopter or Ground gold mining vacation! Take advantage of AGA Couple Discounts by partnering with another prospector – and, you get your own room! Email: today for more details!
Print out our Required AGA Liability Waiver/Release and, our AGA Business Agreement here:

On Stanton Road at 6:00am, headed to Rich Hill, AZ to find some GOLD!
Why Vacation with Arizona Gold Adventures?
Arizona Gold Adventures, Inc., has one focus, one mission: Providing our guests with an unmatched, fully instructed and guided gold prospecting experience in Arizona! Your Arizona Gold Adventures Certified Prospecting Instructor and Gold Claims Guide, is fully outfitted with all the AGA required gold mining equipment needed to find, and help you recover placer gold throughout the Great State of Arizona! AGA Certified Gold Prospecting Instructors and Gold Claim Guides have years of gold prospecting experience, belong to the best Recreational Gold Mining Clubs in Arizona, prospect the best gold claims and are all fully-insured and vetted by Arizona Gold Adventures, Inc.
Book your AGA Gold Prospecting Trip for Two by August 14th, and we'll give you FOUR-days and FOUR-nights at Rich Hill, Arizona for just $1499.95 + tax!
All Equipment; Training; Private Instruction; Gold claim access and private guide; lodging and more! Call Terry (914) 589-3985
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