Thursday, July 9, 2009

Southwestern decor tips

Looking for a Little Southwest in Your Home? What do you think of when you think about the Southwest? Do you see images of cactus, open desserts, saloons and gun-slinging cowboys or galloping horses? Southwest d├ęcor adds all the best of the Southwest in one great style you can use to decorate your home or office.
You can use Southwest home decor in your living room, family or sitting room or a den to create a homey feel and also to elicit conversation when visitors come over. The bright colors and interesting patterns are great conversation starters. Some examples of colors that are predominant in a southwestern theme include reds, oranges, yellows and greens. You may also enjoy turquoise or even browns blended with the brighter colors.
Southwest decor is a fabulous way to spruce up your home or office in a beautiful, rustic style you can enjoy. Colorful rugs and throw rugs add vibrant Southwestern style to the room and you may enjoy many Native American themed items and objects in the room. Hand made Native American throw rugs, wall decor and even Native American drums make great decoration and conversational pieces.
When it comes to furniture in your Southwest room, you may have a hard time finding prints in the style that you want so you can also use slipcovers over your couch and other furniture. You can then use brightly colored throw pillows and maybe even a woven blanket in Southwest style over your chair or couch.
Dark woods and distressed woods work great in Southwest decorated homes, as well as rustic, cabin styled furniture. You might choose a large pedestal Native American drum for use as a table. You can have a unique item that is also a part of a beautiful heritage you can share with your family for many generations to come.
Lastly, you will need fine Southwest accessories. You can find many great items to choose from at Unique Decor Online. For example, metal wall art such as this metal sun face is very popular in Southwest styles. You can choose to cover your walls with paintings and wall art like these beautiful wild Native American ponies.
There are tons of great creative items to choose from for your home while style staying in your desired theme. You can find lizards, roadrunners, pottery and painters, horses, feathers, cactus and so many other great themes and items. Begin building pieces for your Southwest room today.
Use your creativity and you can design the most beautiful, Southwestern decor themed room imaginable.
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